– the concept

The probleme

Tennis, squash, badminton, …: we’re all familiar with these sports!

Decrease in the popularity of racket sports:

  • The “Kim/Justine” effect is gone. Fewer Belgian stars than before.
  • Fewer and fewer registrations for tennis tournaments.
  • The effect of fashion: football (Red Devils), hockey (national teams), running, …

The solution? Play Padel!

Want to try a new racquet sport that is fun, quick to learn and easy to play?

Padel has everything to become THE racket sport of the 3rd millennium

  • More spectacular than tennis or squash
  • Very easy to learn and to play: one game and you’ll be won over!
  • A very social sport: four players who stay closer together on the court
  • (A bit) less expensive than tennis
  • Nearly everybody can play padel
  • Padel can be played outdoors in almost any weather


  • It is the 2nd most popular sport in Spain and Argentina (after soccer but before tennis)!
  • Kids just love it…
  • Almost 50% of the padel players are women => family sport
  • A significant number of padel players do not play tennis or squash => no prerequisite!
  • Many (ex-)tennis stars play and promote padel : Henri Leconte, Tsonga, Monfils, Christophe Rochus, Kristof Vliegen, … And even professionnal footballers like Tom De Sutter. This year a padel court was installed at the French Open for the first ever time!

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